Holger Rickmann and Alexander Schröter primarily work as notaries public. Their work focuses on drawing up and executing notarised deeds in the fields of real estate law and company & partnership law. With all the constant changes and reforms taking place, our notaries, and also their assistants, take regular further training courses to ensure they are always up to speed.

To fully discharge the responsibilities they have as an independent instance between all parties involved, our notaries take all the time needed for the subject matter of notarisation. After all, it is first a matter of understanding and carefully studying the goals and expectations of all parties involved to prepare draft contracts or agreements so that they can be realised in the best possible, and above all in a workable, way. We look forward to meeting you to discuss potential problems and possible solutions ahead of notarisation. Even if we are somewhat reluctant to admit that much of the work of a notary public office is routine and to a certain extent standard, you as our client will never be just 'standard'.