– almost as complicated as actually putting the building up

The firm has provided advisory and forensic services in one of the most complex fields of law for many years. The important decisions in matters governed by building law usually take place at an early stage - usually well before the contracts are signed. This is why we provide advisory and support services for project owners, construction companies, craftsmen and architects from the early planning phase to clarifying liability and warranty questions after the building project has been completed.

Essentially we see our work as providing the legal services needed to ensure that a building project is completed in accordance with planning requirements, on time and within the budget. For this reason, we draw attention to recognisable problems at an early stage where the interests of our client are affected and work out pragmatic and legally viable solutions. We first try to sound out the possibility of a consensual agreement with the other parties involved. Our many years of experience and regular training updates ensure that we always have a thorough understanding of best practice. However, particularly in matters relating to building, it is our view that the process that makes the most sense is the one that does not come to court.

Your contact partner for private building law and law for architects is Dr. Schlie.